Functional Skills English Level 2 Course

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Functional Skills English Level 2 Course

The Functional Skills English Level 2 Course is an extensive course that will go over everything that you would need in regards to what will come up in the English exam. The content of the course is based on the exams we offer so it is the perfect way to ensure that you are prepared for your exam to the best of your ability. It will teach you all of the skills you will require in order to successfully pass the exam with confidence.

The course offers a multitude of different resources, which if you buy the course will all be at your disposal. These resources include:

  • Video Solutions/Explanations
  • Exam Questions
  • Progress Tracking
  • Practice Exercises

The course also has many good reviews, showing those who take our courses are satisfied with the services and resources they received.

If you’re still unsure if you need the course, we also offer a Pre-Assessment, which will tell you what your weaknesses/strengths are. Using this will enable you so see what you need to improve on, as well as see if this course is the correct choice for you. The Pre-Assessment link can be found below:

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FS English Level 2 Pre-Assessment

Our dedicated FS English Level 2 Pre-assessment tells you which topics you need to improve for the exam.
Take a pre-assessment now to get yourself in tip top shape for the exam.

Functional Skills English Level 2 Course Content

Our English course is thorough, going through all possible subjects that could be in the exam. Ensuring that you are prepared as possible for taking your exam. The list below is a overview of the content of the course we offer for Functional Skills English Level 2:

34 sections
Reading 1: Discover- Why Do We Write?
Reading 2: Choosing Wisely- Text types
Reading 3: Choosing Wisely- Presentational features
Reading 4: Choosing Wisely- Linguistic features
Reading 5: Discover- Types of and Navigating Sources
Reading 6: Discover- Fact or Opinion
Reading 7: Discover- Formality and Bias
Reading 8: Discover- Point of View and Line of Argument
Reading 9: Discover- Styles of Writing and Voice
Reading 10: Choosing Wisely- Comparing Texts
Writing 1: Discover- Why are you Writing?
Writing 2: Discover- Assessing Audience
Writing 3: Choosing Wisely- Context
Writing 4: Choosing Wisely- Form, Presentational and Linguistic Features
Writing 5: Organisational Markers
Writing 6: How To- Get a handle on Grammar
Writing 7: How To- Perfecting your Punctuation
Writing 8: How To- Sensationalise your Spelling
Writing 9: How To- Fantastic Finalising
The Exam 1: Planning
The Exam 2: Checking
The Exam 3: Writing Effectively and Clearly
The Exam 4: Tips and Advice
The Exam 5: Word Bank
SLC 1: Discover- Line of Argument and Narratives
SLC 2: How To- Extracting Information
SLC 3: Choosing Wisely- Language in Context
SLC 4: How To- Responding
SLC 5: Choosing Wisely- Asking
SLC 6: How To- Communicating
SLC 7: How To- Using Evidence
SLC 8: How To- Contributing
SLC 9: Choosing Wisely- Adapting
SLC 10: Exam