Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

The Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course is a Maths course that goes extensively into the different subjects you will be required to learn before you take your Functional Skills Maths exam. The course is based heavily based off of the content that shows up in the exam. So it’s the perfect way to ensure that you have covered everything necessary!

Alongside the basic coverage of all relevant subjects, the course also offers a multitude of different resources to complement your learning. These include:

  • Video tutorials
  • Pre-assessments
  • Exam Questions
  • Progress tracking
  • Practice/Past Papers

As we organize the actual exams themselves, we can say with confidence that the course will cover everything you need to know to pass your exam. Looking on the bottom of our exam store page you can see reviews from multiple people showing their opinion of the course. Almost all of which are very positive!

The Pre-Assessment below can be very useful if you are still unsure if the course is right for you. It will assess your current skills to narrow down what subjects you need to work on, as well as how good your overall knowledge of the subject is.

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FS Maths Level 2 Pre-Assessment

Our dedicated FS Maths Level 2 Pre-assessment tells you which topics you need to improve for the exam.
Take a pre-assessment now to get yourself in tip top shape for the exam.

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course Content

Our Maths course is extensive, going through many different subjects in order to prepare you for your exam. Below is an extensive list of the content of the course we offer for Functional Skills Maths Level 2:

35 sections
Numbers 1: Addition and Subtraction (including decimals)
Numbers 2: Multiplication & Division (including decimals)
Numbers 3: Order of Operations
Numbers 4: Decimals and Place Value
Numbers 5: Ordering Numbers (including decimals & fractions)
Numbers 6: Fractions (adding & subtracting)
Numbers 7: Fractions of Amounts
Numbers 8: Percentages of Amounts
Numbers 9: Percentage Change
Numbers 10: Reverse Percentages
Numbers 11: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Numbers 12: Estimation
Numbers 13: Ratio
Numbers 14: Direct and Inverse Proportion
Numbers 15: Substituting Values into Equations
CMSS 1: Problems Involving Money
CMSS 2: Compound Growth
CMSS 3: Unit Conversions
CMSS 4: Conversion Graphs
CMSS 5: Speed and Density
CMSS 6: Circles
CMSS 7: Perimeter
CMSS 8: Areas of 2D Shapes
CMSS 9: Nets of 3D Shapes
CMSS 10: Volumes of 3D Shapes
CMSS 11: Surface Area of 3D shapes
CMSS 12: Projections and Elevations
CMSS 13: Maps and Scale Drawings
CMSS 14: Coordinates
CMSS 15: Angles in 2D shapes
Info & Data 1: Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Info & Data 2: Data tables (Two way tables)
Info & Data 3: Estimating the Mean
Info & Data 4: Simple Probability
Info & Data 5: Scatter Graphs