Functional Skills English Level 2 Practice Papers

Functional Skills English Level 2 Practice Papers

The Functional Skills English Level 2 practice papers are proven to be the best resource out there to use to help you pass your level 2 exam. These papers were made by a team of exceptional content makers, allowing the accuracy of the exam questions to be as close as possible to the real thing. The papers are also set in the same format as the real exam. All of the papers are made in accordance with every exam board, this is to ensure that the topics covered and the marks able to be given for each question match the real thing.

The practice papers and mark schemes take up to 2-3 working days to arrive, they are delivered by Royal Mail directly to you.

We have covered every exam board from City & Guilds to Edexcel, to even AQA.

Functional Skills English Level 2 Practice Papers

Gain access to brilliant, high-quality Practice Papers created by us to help you prepare for your exam

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Exam Board Mark Schemes

Every Functional Skills English level 2 practice paper comes along with its own mark scheme. Learners, tutors, or whoever looks to be marking these will be able to find out what would count as a mark for each question. The multiple mark questions are split individually so it’s easily distinguishable to see what would give you marks. The mark schemes are also laid out in a way to make it as easy as possible to mark and help you learn how to answer each question as well.

The best advice we can provide for our learners is to try completing a full paper before marking it, then going back to studying the topics you didn’t perform as well on, try completing a few papers like this, and eventually, you will see improvements in your marks. Eventually, you will come to the point where you have narrowed down the topics you are the least confident on. Feel free to use the materials we provide you from the Functional Skills Course.

Once you believe you’re ready to take the exam, book your Functional Skills English Level 2 exam here!

What do the practice paper sets contain?

Each set of practice papers include _ whole exam papers as well as their mark schemes for all of the exam boards.

My exam board is ___. Do you have practice papers for that?

As long as your exam board is following the UK government curriculum, the answer to this question is yes! We have practice papers for many exam boards such as AQA, City & Guilds and more.

Do you have other resources for Functional Skills?

We provide many different resources for our learners looking to get help studying for their Functional Skills English Level 2 exam. Please visit our main page for access to the other resources.

How are these practice papers made? Are they official?

We have a team of teachers, examiners and other content makers that come together in order to make the practice papers the best they possibly can be! While they are not official, they’re the closest you will get as a lot of exam boards don’t provide practice papers.

How do I book my Functional Skills English exam?

You can book your online Functional Skills English Level 2 exam via our booking page.

Are there Functional Skills English Level 1 resources too?

Yes, we do also have level 1 resources as well, check out our dedicated page to find out more.