Functional Skills English Level 2 Revision Cards

Revise for your Functional Skills English Level 2 exam using the best resources we have available! Our revision cards are able to be used for all of the Ofqual regulated exam boards, including Edexcel, AQA, and Open Awards.

Functional Skills English Level 2 Revision Cards

Revise for your Functional Skills English level 2 exam with these revision cards. They cover the essential areas of the level 2 exam.

What is provided?

  • Functional Skills English level 2 revision cards
  • Information on each key area of the level 2 exam
  • An extensive number of quickfire questions and answers
  • Functional Skills English Level 2 Revision Cards

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    How do the revision cards help me?

    All Topics Covered

    The revision card pack we provide has been tailored to the best possible revision resource for strong and highly efficient revision for your upcoming level 2 English exam. The cards go over every topic within the level 2 English curriculum, allowing them to be used for all major exam boards.

    Every card is made so the front of the card explains the topic and how you would solve the question, whereas the back of the card has a question you can answer! Use this question to challenge your knowledge and help keep that information you just read in your head. While this method has been proven to be highly effective, it’s still not the choice for everyone, try it yourself and see if it’s right for you!

    Revise More Effectively

    Flashcards are one of the most effective methods of revision. They have some pre-answered questions on the front, used as examples for how the method to answer is applied. Our Functional Skills cards explain the topic at hand as well as the worked example in order to help you understand it better. After looking and studying this, using a method called “active recall”, you can test your own knowledge by using the question on the back of the revision card.

    There are many different ways you can use revision cards, and everyone has their own method with them, here are some examples of how to:

    Split the piles – Put the cards of the topics you’re more comfortable with into one pile, and then start focusing your studying on the pile that you have remaining, as you believe these to be your weaker points it will make it easier to focus, don’t forget the other pile though!

    Quickfire – As the cards are easy to pick up and go they can be done on the fly. Got a spare 5/10 minutes? Grab a card and do some quick studying.

    Normal Revision – Study the piles one card at a time and go through every topic. This method takes the longest and we also recommend doing some practice papers alongside this so you can challenge your understanding of every topic you’ve studied.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I order the Functional Skills revision cards?

    To order the cards please follow the link above and go through the secure payment portal. We accept multiple payment methods including Card, Paypal and even Apple Pay!

    Do you have revision cards for my exam board?

    As long as your exam board is major exam board the answer is most likely yes! Our revision cards are applicable to all exam boards that follow the UK government curriculum.

    How many revision cards are there in the pack if I purchase it?

    There are 70 cards in our Functional Skills packs.

    How long would it take for delivery?

    We send all our revision cards via Royal Mail, and they deliver 95% of our parcels within 2 working days.

    Are there any other resources I can use alongside the flashcards?

    There are! Please visit the English revision page for access to all of the additional resources we provide.

    If you’re wanting to book your Functional Skills English Level 2 exam then please visit the exams page.