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When looking to offer the best support possible for both student and adult learners, at times we have to direct them to alternative services that will better suit their needs. Some courses and education paths will require more than a grade equivalent to a C in the chosen subject. Or access to a bigger variety of subjects like combined science or biology. A Star Equivalency offers all of this and more with its multiple types of GCSE Equivalency tests. All qualifications received with A Star Equivalency will be accepted by all major universities int eh UK (one of only 2 that offer this). This is why we would highly recommend them above the rest offering similar qualifications. 


By choosing to go for the GCSE equivalency tests, you will be able to access midwifery, nursing, as well as other routes that were previously unavailable. Helping those who were unable to receive the grades they needed while in school. The exams offered are based around the government-approved curriculum, just adapted to be taken in a much shorter length of time compared to an actual GCSE. As well as being approved by multiple UK exam boards.

Once you have chosen to go with A Star Equivalency and purchased/booked the appropriate exam(s). You will receive instructions by email that will tell you everything you need to know before the day of your exam. You will be able to take the exam from the comfort of your own home, so there will be no need to travel anywhere or go to an exam center. After the exam is taken, you will receive the results in around 2 weeks. However, the company also offers Fast Track, which changes that to 2 working days. If you passed, you will receive a certificate that will come with a unique code. This code can be used to help verify your new qualification.

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