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PassFunctionalSkills Team April 13, 2022

ere at Pass Functional Skill’s Functional Skills Level 2 site. Our main goal is to inform you regarding everything you need to know about Functional Skills Level 2 exams, revision, and courses. However, at times we also like to branch out into other areas, such as equivalencies and GCSEs. Today we will be focusing specifically on a revision resource that Pass Functional Skills offers for GCSE Maths. These been the GCSE Maths revision cards.


When revising for your GCSE Maths exam, you want to ensure that you only use the very best revision resources. Ones that are specifically tailored for the exam that you will be taking. The GCSE Maths revision cards offer this and more. The content of the cards is based entirely on the curriculum, containing every subject that could appear in the exams. As there are both lower and higher GCSE Maths papers, we offer lower and higher versions of the revision cards. Ensuring that what you will be receiving is right for you. 


The cards will help you to learn all the methodologies and formulas that you will be expected to know for your exams. This is done through the cards explaining the subjects in detail, with clear working examples to show you how to apply the knowledge to a question. Once you believe you have a good grasp of the subject you can then turn the cards around. There been practice questions that you can test your knowledge against. 


This offers an excellent way in which to see how much you understand and to see what you need to still work on. To support this we also supply an answer book. Which will take you through each question, explaining how the marks are earned. So you will be able to see exactly how to get the most marks out of each question. 

If this sounds like it would help your revision, then buy GCSE Maths revision cards today!

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