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PassFunctionalSkills Team March 14, 2022

As many know, our main focus here is to inform you of everything regarding Functional Skills Level 2. However, one thing we have neglected on our main site pages is the services for different locations around the UK. Today we will be covering these services for Functional Skills Level 2 in London. This covers the entirety of London, as well as the surrounding areas. This includes Greenwich, Richmond, Bromley, and many more places surrounding London. The team based in London is dedicated to giving accessible assistance to those in London who are taking their Functional Skills Level 2. 


The benefit of choosing to take a Functional Skills Level 2 Maths/English exam overtaking a GCSE Maths/English exam is that Functional skills can be taken all year round. Meanwhile, for retaking your GCSEs, you can only sit the exam at certain times during the year. So Functional Skills is a lot more flexible, especially when it usually will take you less than a month to earn your Functional Skills Maths/English qualification. The perfect solution for those who do not have the right qualifications to reach their goals. So they can choose to take their Functional Skills exams, which will give them access to:

  • University courses
  • College courses
  • Other course routes
  • And Apprenticeships


As Functional Skills is the equivalent to a C in GCSE, it will meet the minimum requirements for most courses and apprenticeships. Giving you access to opportunities that you didn’t have before. For many, however, they matt still be unsure if Functional Skills Level 2 will be right for their circumstances. Which is one of the main reasons we have services that are based entirely around different locations in the UK. Ensuring that you will have access to people who can help and inform you of everything you need to know.

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